Gold Bellied Beast

by Mod Verse

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The 2nd full-length release from Mod Verse. This is a motherf-ing protest album.


released May 26, 2017

All beats, music and lyrics by Mod Verse
Violin - J. Kleinberg
Backing vocals - Eva Langman
Cover art - Jvstin White
Cover layout - Eric White
Copyright © 2017 Mod Verse


all rights reserved



Mod Verse San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Gold Bellied Beast
sun from the east - daylight rises
offerings made may delay sacrifices
caught in the shadow of the one who delves out
hefty portions of hell shaped slices
hurry up and get yours - trade all your sins in
try to make amends but in the end only him wins
tormented souls blood red are his prizes
eyes in the back of his head and now you're dead
might be painless - somehow I doubt it
everything you ever loved you'll now be without it
never know what could have been
would need to get it back again
the energy you wasted when you gave a damn about it
broken childhood - unmet wishes
fall into a dreamless sleep with the fishes
wish that you could wake up - come to the surface
thousand pounds of pressure on your lungs and now you're nervous

gold bellied beast - black strap molasses
negative 6 prescription sunglasses
uv protection - polarized lenses
212 degree salt sauna cleanses
deep down in your guts but really does it?
wonder if it was what it was well was it?
all your dirty secrets now they're gonna find out
turn all of your outside in and insides out
run for the hills but I fear that it's too late
never gonna outrun yourself and all that you ate
last transaction already registered
also got a blood and urine sample while your head was turned
your identity - now he owns it
buys it - sells it - trades it - pawns it
easy as pie - like candy from a baby
no means yes and so does maybe

analog nightmares - digital landscape
put the knife right there - don't let your hands shake
pleasure to meet you - retinal scan please
never mind already cross-referenced all your entries
every piece of data - every place you've ever been
even know the likelihood you'll pass this way again
100 percent and by the way there is no escape
gold bellied beast got you served up on his plate

gold bellied beast
gold bellied beast
Track Name: Scare Tactics
you fucking pugilists - always using your fists
you think I give two shits about this - yeah you wish
I take more interest in why my piss smells like tuna fish

it's time to face facts - get right down to brass tacks
this is more than practice
more than mere theatrics
have no fear what we're dealing with here
is scare tactics

you watch the news you'll be singing the blues
skewed views get spewed by talking heads running their mouth
you get depressed north east west and south
no doubt - let me tell you what it's all about
one part info ninety-nine parts propaganda
pushing far right nightmare political agenda
mass perversion of the facts interspersed with vast diversion
you're defenseless - attack on the senses
nobody ever asks or even cares what your two cents is
so pack it up before you even begin
you can't win when it comes to the sellers of sin
just give up and give in - and shut up and tune it
to scare tactics

try not to get distracted - by syntactic abstractness
difficult to combat this - didactic attack - can't redact this
it's scare tactics
scare tactics

drones flying over my head - over my dead body
which is what'll happen if you'll not be serious
this is not mysterious - don't fucking call me a conspiracy theorist
tell me how you feel - knowing that you're lied to
every single time you - put your trust in the government
wonder where your brother went?
picked up last night that's right while he was walking home
guess he looked suspicious - even vicious with his skin tone
talking on the phone
and he didn't even know that shit was tapped
now he's gone - never gonna see his face and no contact
what you didn't know about the patriot act?
locked up - no charge - no doubt just trust us
no hope - no peace - no justice
no recourse and no representation
still wanna claim this is the number one nation?
get your fucking facts straight and open both your eye up
quit procrastinating cos it's time to rise up
uncover the lies and organize
lemme hear your war cries - war paint under your eyes
and grab your hatchets - bat shit crazy or just lazy
are the powers that be
we're living in a kakistocracy
time for us to band together in unity
it's ours and it's time to take it back and that's a fact
with no asterisk
no more bullshit - no more scare tactics

time for battle plans and prophylactics
get your physical - check your psychiatric
condition - it's about to get dramatic
this act will not be anticlimactic
it's time to fight back Jack
and say goodbye
to scare tactics
scare tactics
Track Name: Lazy Killaz
wizards wave wands at lizards in dried up ponds
widespread panic bred deep by shape shifters and shoplifters
bottled courage for sale dirt cheap on every corner
big rig flipped barely missed the funeral mourners'
motorcade - trade the ace of spades for your war bonds
momma said to keep away from strangers creeps and drifters
rain is holy water comes down straight from the heavens
best forensics test conducted taco bell and 7-eleven

scientific understanding of the things that really matter
scattered 'cross the universe continue to elude us
anything you want just simply ask your intuition
anything you want just make it come into fruition
any time you come across an answer go and throw it out
any time you step inside your brain you have to blow it out
find your place but don't just take up space inside this crazy thriller
what's that on your face looks like another case of lazy killaz

bell jars bellyaches bell bottoms and beltways
basalt or ballast broken banisters for janitors
free for all frenzy and your friends be anybody
nasty three car pile-up benz ferrari maserati

kamikaze camaraderie karate
kung fu flung you across the room and done you in
hung you in the closet like a skeleton
secrets hidden farewells bidden forbidden horse hoof gelatin

vegans from Muskegon on musk ox stampeding
bleeding heart liberals stew fibulas for eating
mistreating one another means your brother is your enemy
your self the one who lives in all has crisis of identity

bubble wrap sandwich hands itch from eczema
eggs in my face from stupid statements never forgotten
rotten and smelly like the last one there
hair of the dog repeated entries in the life log

this is going nowhere that's exactly where we're headed
indebted to no one but ourselves now can we work it out?
anything you want just simply ask your intuition
anything you want just make it come into fruition
any time you come across an answer go and throw it out
any time you step inside your brain you have to blow it out
find your place but don't just take up space inside this crazy thriller
what's that on your face looks like another case of lazy killaz
Track Name: Space Invaders
good golly good grief what is this?
I'm just tryin' to mind my own motherfuckin' business
get the hell outta my face with all these haters
all over the place I'm overrun by space invaders
up in my grill like grilled cheese and cheese graters
mindless buzzin' of a dozen refrigerators
making me crazy like asteroids make craters
It's up to the moon with these fuckin' space invaders

ever get the feeling that the world is getting smaller
bumping your noggin like maybe you're a little taller
having trouble finding any seats in the pavilion
maybe it's because you're one of over 7 billion
tried to ride a bus the other day and felt my bones crack
top of that pick pockets sat behind I got my phone jacked
couldn't even exit cos I'm stuck like elevators
packed like sardines know what I mean space invaders

Trying to make a living in this unforgiving city
every single cent goes straight to rent and utility
itsy bitsy spider goes up the water spout
down comes the tax man to flush that sucker out
uncle sam gives a smack with a giant fly swatter
then he feeds the baby poison right through the bath water
all the while he smiles like crocodiles and alligators
I've had it up to hear with these fucking space invaders

I can't handle this I change the channel with the crossfaders

the world is overflowing with these phony imitators
immature imps, imposters and impersonators
rather spend my time with innovators and idea percolators
facilitators, collaborators, and creators
tired of the sneaky creeps and smooth operators
wanna tell the truth like Ruth Baders and Ralph Naders
all those other liars to the pants incinerators
it's hot like the equator for these effin' space invaders

tired of all my shit getting ripped by tomb raiders
devil stole my soul and sold it to the stock traders
fucking manipulators dirty dealers and amputators
make me wish vanilla wafers came in other flavors
later for you Luke for all the Lukes I say later
chop your hand of at the wrist like Darth Vader
fall into the abyss after you drop your light saber
and make that crazy face like you were seeing space invaders

wanna blow off a little steam like radiators
but I can't cos the valve is clogged up like masturbators
masqueraders and the fakest of the fakers on parade
ersatz infiltrators taking turns disrupting my defibrillator
sidewalk's blocked and chocked full of perambulators
stalked by terminators
nowhere to walk much less run hundreds of undulators
under the gun it's no fun like Attila the Hun
or black hole sun or grumpy nun or motherfucking incarcerators

skip the benediction Benedict you fucking traitor
I predict your shit gets flipped and scales get tipped
your ass gets whipped
I write the script for space invaders
Track Name: Everybody Knows That
figure eights are never static
nasty habits the hardest broken

cigarettes are cinematic
doesn't mean you should take up smoking

telling lies is problematic
falsehoods set the stage for choking

desperate lives are led by addicts
truer words were never spoken

everybody knows that
wouldn't it be nice if everybody knew that

cruel behavior brings lasting damage
broken psyche brings cruel behavior

fucking bully eats knuckle sandwich
self defense is your only savior

in the end only love will manage
to defeat those who choose to hate us

in the meantime we must be savage
fight to death those who violate us

everybody knows that
wouldn't it be nice if everybody knew that

no amount of stuff will ever fill that hole inside
besides you cannot take said items with you when you die
why not live for love never for status
free love - love is free - and that means gratis
does not cost a thing
does not go bling
or ring-a-ding
but will make you sing
and give you wings
set you free from that to which you cling
worth more than anything
the thing is that there is no end to what good love will bring

everybody knows that
wouldn't it be nice if everybody knew that
everybody knows that
wouldn't it be nice if everybody knew that

winks are creepy you shouldn't do it
eyes should be either closed or open

even if you're just being friendly
feels a bit like you're into gropin'

space is valuable should be respected
especially that which belongs to others

fragile minds will likely be infected
time to take care of all sisters and brothers

everybody knows that
wouldn't it be nice if everybody knew that

holding onto anger and resentment
never helps a body or a mind
or a soul don't you know
gratitude will bring contentment
honesty will bring integrity
eventually serenity
woe is me
why does it take so long for me to see
what is right in front of me
but then of course that's exactly what we're here for
life is just for learning how to be

everybody knows that
wouldn't it be nice if everybody knew that
everybody knows that
wouldn't it be nice if I could come to know that
Track Name: L.I.F.E. (Live In Fear Everyday)
the noise is deafening the sounds do not make sense to me
it's everywhere I'm overwhelmed within its density
attempt to take in my immediate surroundings
it's confounding heart is pounding and then it stops

and then it starts

I'm riding through the desert weaving through a maze of cactus
bleeding from a million needle holes i think I'm needing practice
have to find some shade and water stop and drop my kickstand
this whole place is an oasis all except the quicksand

can't get my footing - I'm drowning

and now I'm sinking thinking this will be my bitter end
barely enough time to get my mind to start considering
where I've been and what I've done and who i really truly am
how the hell can anybody do that I don't understand
this is too confusing anybody bring the manual
feels like counting sand with giant hands and every granule
slips between my fingers and i have to pick it up again
every grain a metaphor for pain and human suffering

thought i had my bearings - but I'm lost
floating - nothing out there - I can see forever
adrift in space and in time
and then again i do believe that it's a new beginning

and now I'm walking in the woods

looking over my shoulder coyotes on all sides
must've smelled the fear i hope to god i make it out alive
i think i see the light between the trees but then i look again
seems as though i made a circle back to where I've already been

feels like I'm spinning

come into a clearing takes a minute to adjust my vision
takes a couple more to catch my breath and make my next decision
need protection don't know which direction i might find it
rewind it and even then I'll probably have a million questions
best friends can guess them and shout suggestions
through my casket or the plastic urn that looks like metal
or the burlap sack that's thrown where grass gets mown and flower petals
strewn and then a tree grown in that spot the plot where I am settled
like dust to dust or ashes to ashes
to the brink of where my consciousness attaches
to matter but it's scattered to infinity
divinity in microorganisms and earthworms

you say nothingness exists but have you ever felt this?
Track Name: The Fabulist
I take your rhyme pad rip the shit in half
then I put it back together better than you ever have
I deconstruct and reconstruct your feeble sentences
build 'em up strong and fortify with lots of messages

I'm telling stories that I pulled from out your scrap heap
you're in the shallow end I'm swimming where the rap's deep
there wasn't much to salvage just a bunch of junk parts
I Frankensteined 'em into something that could pump hearts

I gave them life and fresh blood from parts I wasn't usin'
your deflated words resuscitated with a transfusion
I'm cuttin' letters up and paste 'em like a ransom note
it's looking really good and
sounds like something someone handsome wrote

the only thing is that I'm not looking to get something from you
cos everything I need I have already yeah you know it's true
in fact I got some things to spare and so I'm here to share 'em
your rhymes are broken but I think that I can still repair 'em

your spoken word is just simply disastrous
which ceremony did you say you were the master of?

you wrote a book that I could never read a chapter of
there is no ceremony you could be the master of

you must have MisConstrued the meaning of MC
MisCalculated the import of what it means to be
the Mic Controller and the one who Must Communicate
the Message Clearly anywhere the Masses Congregate

you got a job to do but you can never seem to do it
peanut butter and molasses sandwich I don't want to chew it
I spit it out and in the process form another verse
your rhymes are doodoo I use voodoo just to lift the curse

call me the medicine man cos I'm relieving pain
your fans all come in crazy I'll have 'em leaving sane
don't need a certified MD when you got an MC
who can bring the remedy like Mod V

I got the antidote in fact I got the panacea
I'll cure what ails you if it fails to man there has to be a
problem with your system on a constitutional level
you get confused and put the details all up in the devil

you're having trouble seeing things with positivity
your mental health reflects your physical proclivity
to fall apart and get infected by the weakest strain
you stood in line at minds R us and bought the cheapest brain

you choke on lyrics till you die and give the Casper up
which ceremony did you say you were the master of?

I hope the spirits break the spell you are the caster of
there is no ceremony you could be the master of

let's set the record straight there is no one right way to be
but there's a wrong one and of course you found it naturally
this doesn't mean you have to wallow in your present state
there's still tomorrow or right now no need to hesitate

just put the microphone down and exit stage left
and leave your notebook cos i see there's one more page left
it's just enough for me to write a fitting eulogy
here lies MC What's His Name aka Who Was He

don't even have the type of face a mother has to love
there is no ceremony you could be the master of
Track Name: Get Up
get up it's time to get your fucking hands in the air
get your ass out that chair
put your feet on the ground
start jumping up and down
wrap your ears up in the sound
I can see no other fucking reason to be

get up but not just to get up
but yes to get up and go for what you know
go for broke and go get it don't sweat it
when the crushers of dreams say to forget it
don't let it get you down don't frown
just fucking get up

get up and get out in the streets
time to see where the road and rubber meet
beep beep roadrunner start running
no fun in the sun until you up and get your fuckin' work done

get up because it's time for you to mobilize
time to get organized
get moving
set your eyes on the prize
get motivated
it's time to get creative
it's ok to get faded
I think it's overrated
if you can do that shit straight it
shows that you can be the greatest
of the great

now get up and go prove it
get to it go do it
get movin'
get up
get up

it's ok to get down
especially out on the town
but just remember when the hands go around
and the time comes
point way up high at the sky with your thumbs
you lazy bum
and get up

make an effort do your fuckin' best man
if you don't try never gonna pass the test man
if you're gonna come half-assed no need to come at all
two steps forward and one back and then stand tall
don't falter you're the rock of Gibraltar
build an altar to yourself
and celebrate your oneness
one miss doesn't add up to total failure
bale your ass out of the dumpster
bumps on your bruises and scrapes on your scratches
take a leap of faith and don't worry 'bout the mattress
bruises on your bumps and scratches on your scrapes
you're so super duper you don't even need a cape
straight up now sit up straight
stack your vertebrae
screaming bloody murder they
can't take another second of your slouch
on the cushion of the couch
pushing nothing but some buttons and your belly out
ouch your constipated cos you sit there all day breathing vapor
now take a sip out of your half full paper cup
because it's time to get up
get up

it's ok to get down
and feel bummed somehow
feeling glum times
everybody does it sometimes
you know that everybody once in a while
says some dumb rhymes
but we can never give up
we live up to and beyond our potential
it's fundamental
when you fall you must always get up
you must always get up
get up
get up
get up
Track Name: View From The Ledge
wandering - weary - put to the test
bleary eyes on a vision quest
depressed - need sensory deprivation to rest
confess - no longer know which way is best

no more gravity - escape from depravity
need to see colors not found in reality
taste the salt that cleanses and suspends
break through the blocks without end
unlearn the old shit - make a new start
try to heal wounds on the way - make some art
make some music - infuse it - absorb it
consume it - become it - no need to run from it

if you're numb you're not open to feeling
the paint on the walls of your fortress is peeling
cracks in the wall can't be patched forever
ties to your past never fully severed
I see you thinking - I just don't know what
your face betrays something that wants to show up
buried too deep for your shovel to access
subconsciousness waits till your body relaxes
third eye is open true vision reveals it
the truth is not hidden your mind just conceals it
telling you stories you're bound to believe in
forget it reject all those lies you're perceiving

fly away
fly away

mistakes are for making
breakthrough through breaking
the cracks are right where the light gets in
the chances you're taking
will lead to your waking
don't kill yourself looking for perfection

intuitive empath
never had enough peace
gotta save my strength
fight the gold bellied beast
energy vampires dragging me down
sharpening stakes I don't want them around
electromagnetic pulses
shatter me
solar flares keep draining my battery
floating between agitation and rage
nowhere to sleep but the Faraday cage

fly away
fly away

I know it's all going to be okay
when the time comes I will just fly away
leave this dimension and enter a new one
more beautiful than the one I just flew from

I'll soon alight in another existence
one without time or space or distance
one without fear and sadness and pain
no more worries no feeling insane
yes I will miss those who've offered their love
and all who have helped pull me up from above
in fact all of life on this earth as we know it
I love it but often too caught up to show it

fly away

heightened awareness can cripple the senses
grown ass man 5 year old's defenses
knowledge and intellect fail to connect to
the true understanding of what will protect you
emotional welfare and spiritual acumen
build your own castle and do your own vacuumin'
clean up the cobwebs and make your amends
be kind to your neighbors and love all your friends

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