Get Up

from by Mod Verse

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get up it's time to get your fucking hands in the air
get your ass out that chair
put your feet on the ground
start jumping up and down
wrap your ears up in the sound
I can see no other fucking reason to be

get up but not just to get up
but yes to get up and go for what you know
go for broke and go get it don't sweat it
when the crushers of dreams say to forget it
don't let it get you down don't frown
just fucking get up

get up and get out in the streets
time to see where the road and rubber meet
beep beep roadrunner start running
no fun in the sun until you up and get your fuckin' work done

get up because it's time for you to mobilize
time to get organized
get moving
set your eyes on the prize
get motivated
it's time to get creative
it's ok to get faded
I think it's overrated
if you can do that shit straight it
shows that you can be the greatest
of the great

now get up and go prove it
get to it go do it
get movin'
get up
get up

it's ok to get down
especially out on the town
but just remember when the hands go around
and the time comes
point way up high at the sky with your thumbs
you lazy bum
and get up

make an effort do your fuckin' best man
if you don't try never gonna pass the test man
if you're gonna come half-assed no need to come at all
two steps forward and one back and then stand tall
don't falter you're the rock of Gibraltar
build an altar to yourself
and celebrate your oneness
one miss doesn't add up to total failure
bale your ass out of the dumpster
bumps on your bruises and scrapes on your scratches
take a leap of faith and don't worry 'bout the mattress
bruises on your bumps and scratches on your scrapes
you're so super duper you don't even need a cape
straight up now sit up straight
stack your vertebrae
screaming bloody murder they
can't take another second of your slouch
on the cushion of the couch
pushing nothing but some buttons and your belly out
ouch your constipated cos you sit there all day breathing vapor
now take a sip out of your half full paper cup
because it's time to get up
get up

it's ok to get down
and feel bummed somehow
feeling glum times
everybody does it sometimes
you know that everybody once in a while
says some dumb rhymes
but we can never give up
we live up to and beyond our potential
it's fundamental
when you fall you must always get up
you must always get up
get up
get up
get up


from Gold Bellied Beast, released May 26, 2017


all rights reserved



Mod Verse San Francisco, California

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