Scare Tactics

from by Mod Verse

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you fucking pugilists - always using your fists
you think I give two shits about this - yeah you wish
I take more interest in why my piss smells like tuna fish

it's time to face facts - get right down to brass tacks
this is more than practice
more than mere theatrics
have no fear what we're dealing with here
is scare tactics

you watch the news you'll be singing the blues
skewed views get spewed by talking heads running their mouth
you get depressed north east west and south
no doubt - let me tell you what it's all about
one part info ninety-nine parts propaganda
pushing far right nightmare political agenda
mass perversion of the facts interspersed with vast diversion
you're defenseless - attack on the senses
nobody ever asks or even cares what your two cents is
so pack it up before you even begin
you can't win when it comes to the sellers of sin
just give up and give in - and shut up and tune it
to scare tactics

try not to get distracted - by syntactic abstractness
difficult to combat this - didactic attack - can't redact this
it's scare tactics
scare tactics

drones flying over my head - over my dead body
which is what'll happen if you'll not be serious
this is not mysterious - don't fucking call me a conspiracy theorist
tell me how you feel - knowing that you're lied to
every single time you - put your trust in the government
wonder where your brother went?
picked up last night that's right while he was walking home
guess he looked suspicious - even vicious with his skin tone
talking on the phone
and he didn't even know that shit was tapped
now he's gone - never gonna see his face and no contact
what you didn't know about the patriot act?
locked up - no charge - no doubt just trust us
no hope - no peace - no justice
no recourse and no representation
still wanna claim this is the number one nation?
get your fucking facts straight and open both your eye up
quit procrastinating cos it's time to rise up
uncover the lies and organize
lemme hear your war cries - war paint under your eyes
and grab your hatchets - bat shit crazy or just lazy
are the powers that be
we're living in a kakistocracy
time for us to band together in unity
it's ours and it's time to take it back and that's a fact
with no asterisk
no more bullshit - no more scare tactics

time for battle plans and prophylactics
get your physical - check your psychiatric
condition - it's about to get dramatic
this act will not be anticlimactic
it's time to fight back Jack
and say goodbye
to scare tactics
scare tactics


from Gold Bellied Beast, released May 26, 2017


all rights reserved



Mod Verse San Francisco, California

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