Space Invaders

from by Mod Verse

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good golly good grief what is this?
I'm just tryin' to mind my own motherfuckin' business
get the hell outta my face with all these haters
all over the place I'm overrun by space invaders
up in my grill like grilled cheese and cheese graters
mindless buzzin' of a dozen refrigerators
making me crazy like asteroids make craters
It's up to the moon with these fuckin' space invaders

ever get the feeling that the world is getting smaller
bumping your noggin like maybe you're a little taller
having trouble finding any seats in the pavilion
maybe it's because you're one of over 7 billion
tried to ride a bus the other day and felt my bones crack
top of that pick pockets sat behind I got my phone jacked
couldn't even exit cos I'm stuck like elevators
packed like sardines know what I mean space invaders

Trying to make a living in this unforgiving city
every single cent goes straight to rent and utility
itsy bitsy spider goes up the water spout
down comes the tax man to flush that sucker out
uncle sam gives a smack with a giant fly swatter
then he feeds the baby poison right through the bath water
all the while he smiles like crocodiles and alligators
I've had it up to hear with these fucking space invaders

I can't handle this I change the channel with the crossfaders

the world is overflowing with these phony imitators
immature imps, imposters and impersonators
rather spend my time with innovators and idea percolators
facilitators, collaborators, and creators
tired of the sneaky creeps and smooth operators
wanna tell the truth like Ruth Baders and Ralph Naders
all those other liars to the pants incinerators
it's hot like the equator for these effin' space invaders

tired of all my shit getting ripped by tomb raiders
devil stole my soul and sold it to the stock traders
fucking manipulators dirty dealers and amputators
make me wish vanilla wafers came in other flavors
later for you Luke for all the Lukes I say later
chop your hand of at the wrist like Darth Vader
fall into the abyss after you drop your light saber
and make that crazy face like you were seeing space invaders

wanna blow off a little steam like radiators
but I can't cos the valve is clogged up like masturbators
masqueraders and the fakest of the fakers on parade
ersatz infiltrators taking turns disrupting my defibrillator
sidewalk's blocked and chocked full of perambulators
stalked by terminators
nowhere to walk much less run hundreds of undulators
under the gun it's no fun like Attila the Hun
or black hole sun or grumpy nun or motherfucking incarcerators

skip the benediction Benedict you fucking traitor
I predict your shit gets flipped and scales get tipped
your ass gets whipped
I write the script for space invaders


from Gold Bellied Beast, released May 26, 2017


all rights reserved



Mod Verse San Francisco, California

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