View From The Ledge

from by Mod Verse

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wandering - weary - put to the test
bleary eyes on a vision quest
depressed - need sensory deprivation to rest
confess - no longer know which way is best

no more gravity - escape from depravity
need to see colors not found in reality
taste the salt that cleanses and suspends
break through the blocks without end
unlearn the old shit - make a new start
try to heal wounds on the way - make some art
make some music - infuse it - absorb it
consume it - become it - no need to run from it

if you're numb you're not open to feeling
the paint on the walls of your fortress is peeling
cracks in the wall can't be patched forever
ties to your past never fully severed
I see you thinking - I just don't know what
your face betrays something that wants to show up
buried too deep for your shovel to access
subconsciousness waits till your body relaxes
third eye is open true vision reveals it
the truth is not hidden your mind just conceals it
telling you stories you're bound to believe in
forget it reject all those lies you're perceiving

fly away
fly away

mistakes are for making
breakthrough through breaking
the cracks are right where the light gets in
the chances you're taking
will lead to your waking
don't kill yourself looking for perfection

intuitive empath
never had enough peace
gotta save my strength
fight the gold bellied beast
energy vampires dragging me down
sharpening stakes I don't want them around
electromagnetic pulses
shatter me
solar flares keep draining my battery
floating between agitation and rage
nowhere to sleep but the Faraday cage

fly away
fly away

I know it's all going to be okay
when the time comes I will just fly away
leave this dimension and enter a new one
more beautiful than the one I just flew from

I'll soon alight in another existence
one without time or space or distance
one without fear and sadness and pain
no more worries no feeling insane
yes I will miss those who've offered their love
and all who have helped pull me up from above
in fact all of life on this earth as we know it
I love it but often too caught up to show it

fly away

heightened awareness can cripple the senses
grown ass man 5 year old's defenses
knowledge and intellect fail to connect to
the true understanding of what will protect you
emotional welfare and spiritual acumen
build your own castle and do your own vacuumin'
clean up the cobwebs and make your amends
be kind to your neighbors and love all your friends


from Gold Bellied Beast, released May 26, 2017


all rights reserved



Mod Verse San Francisco, California

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