Gold Bellied Beast

from by Mod Verse

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sun from the east - daylight rises
offerings made may delay sacrifices
caught in the shadow of the one who delves out
hefty portions of hell shaped slices
hurry up and get yours - trade all your sins in
try to make amends but in the end only him wins
tormented souls blood red are his prizes
eyes in the back of his head and now you're dead
might be painless - somehow I doubt it
everything you ever loved you'll now be without it
never know what could have been
would need to get it back again
the energy you wasted when you gave a damn about it
broken childhood - unmet wishes
fall into a dreamless sleep with the fishes
wish that you could wake up - come to the surface
thousand pounds of pressure on your lungs and now you're nervous

gold bellied beast - black strap molasses
negative 6 prescription sunglasses
uv protection - polarized lenses
212 degree salt sauna cleanses
deep down in your guts but really does it?
wonder if it was what it was well was it?
all your dirty secrets now they're gonna find out
turn all of your outside in and insides out
run for the hills but I fear that it's too late
never gonna outrun yourself and all that you ate
last transaction already registered
also got a blood and urine sample while your head was turned
your identity - now he owns it
buys it - sells it - trades it - pawns it
easy as pie - like candy from a baby
no means yes and so does maybe

analog nightmares - digital landscape
put the knife right there - don't let your hands shake
pleasure to meet you - retinal scan please
never mind already cross-referenced all your entries
every piece of data - every place you've ever been
even know the likelihood you'll pass this way again
100 percent and by the way there is no escape
gold bellied beast got you served up on his plate

gold bellied beast
gold bellied beast


from Gold Bellied Beast, released May 26, 2017


all rights reserved



Mod Verse San Francisco, California

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