Sucker For Sci​-​Fi

by Mod Verse

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Sucker For Sci-Fi is the debut release from rapper Mod Verse.
Homemade, with love.



released March 23, 2016

All music by Mod Verse.

Audio production assistance from Charlie Scovill.

Sample on "Disconnect" from "Tex Bossa Redux(Aero Mic'd remix)", by Troll.

Mod Verse: Sucker For Sci-Fi
Copyright 2016


all rights reserved



Mod Verse San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Disconnect
When it comes to speaking I'm outspoken - no jokin'- my voice box not broken - don't smoke so not chokin' - and so fill my throat till I'm the loudest frog croakin' - in this ponderous pond we've floated on for so long - through wars and war songs

Make no rights from adding wrongs - so far so good or maybe too far gone - so long - I'll see you later - in the future - looking cute your little spacesuit really suits your personality - what's left of it - the rest of it - is leaking from the sutures

That you used to sew yourself up with reality - the malady - with which you are afflicted - ain't restricted - to the fantasy - you hold about yourself - and you're addicted - to the snake oil that you sell - and to the stories that you tell - and to the fallacy that all is well

It feels like sci-fi but truth is stranger than fiction - it's not fictional - it's factual - it's actual addiction - we're going nowhere we just cannot get there fast enough - we've passed enough red flags to know we chose the wrong direction - need protection from ourselves so we don't delve into destruction - crooked necks and broken thumbs and empty brains that barely function

Hey man just got the new iphone - and double carpal tunnel syndrome - and now I'll never be alone - no need for human contact - i got an app for that - so many friends just can't remember which ones like me - I'll check my profile later update status nightly

Remember when we used to look each other in the eyes - we used to take our time and maybe watch the sunrise - now our focus and attention spans are fucking wrecked - every day we find another way to disconnect

Remember when you looked at life without a fucking screen - you used to think about stuff and maybe even dream - it seems so long ago it's hard for me to recollect - every day we learn another way to disconnect
Track Name: Sucker For Sci-Fi
I used to spend my time thinking about - spaceships and flying cars - robotic pets and dehydrated chocolate bars - yep - making ray guns out of hockey sticks and walkie talkies out of bricks - my bike's a rocket - it's the nicest - dreamin' 'bout how I could build some teleportation devices - so me and my droids could avoid the Cuban missile crisis

I lay awake at night - thinking 'bout the satellites - star light star bright - first star I see tonight - I made a wish and sent it up to reach the sun too - every prediction born of fiction was to come true

I blink my eyes - and we arrive - at the present day

Hellbent - on artificial intelligence - even at the expense - of all of our innocence - do you really want a fucking robot making your decisions for you? - oh wait they already do

Remember the time - when you were climbin' the trees - and learning about the birds and the bees - none of these - ever required a thing - but your engagement and awareness of the little things

So here we go - gettin' back to the present - but it's past - and the future always comes a little too fast - I get caught up in fantasies - about the way things used to be - I live inside that dream - and then remember that I'm just a

Sucker for sci-fi - still wishing that I was bionic - I'm riding rockets whose propulsion is of course ionic - iconoclastic metal man - I plan to choose defiance - I'm out to plasticize or straight up kill your views of science

Sucker for sci-fi - I was born inside an atom smasher - magnetic DNA - my particles can go no faster - accelerated past the point of being matter - evaporated into light and floating up the ladder - no need to use these antiquated tools to get my bearings - my senses start at six - the other five are all red herrings

Misleading clues - cannot be used - to disabuse - humanity believing untruths

The secret lies within the things that we're surrounded by - no need to fabricate a myth or live inside a lie - you can appreciate a thing without defining it - the labels that you stick can only fit a tiny bit - of what is actually beyond the scope of definition - nature doesn't give a shit about your week belief system - which doesn't mean you can't devote your life to wi-fi - but as for me - I'll be a sucker for sci-fi
Track Name: Contribution
Imitation is the highest form of flattery - but that'll be - the day - no way - I would rather be - a sloppy dog - than a copy cat - copy that - roger - ten-four good buddy - get your cowboy hat - keep moving - get along - don't stall or get stuck - in a rut - shake your butt - get goin' - stop blowin' your own horn - word is born - stop braggin' - 'cause you're laggin' near the rear in your little red wagon - pants saggin' from the fear that you carry - no dragon is as scary - as the shit that you're holdin' - I'm foldin' my cards and the table - I'm able - but not willing - to keep killing - my time - with your rhymes - about the crimes - you committed - against your fellow men and women - always taking never giving - so much faking not much living - in the moment - the present - the hear and now - you get it?

Your mouth is open spewing nothing but pollution - all I want to know is what's your contribution

Your negativity upsets my constitution - now can you please tell me what is your contribution

Why you wanna tell me that? - I don't need to hear that - crap about your hussle - and your muscle - ain't it clear that - you can beat somebody up and somebody can beat up you - you can say any-motherfucking-thing doesn't mean it's true - why not concentrate on things that really fuckin' matter - that way you can spare the air of all your chitter chatter - I'm so fuckin' bored with all the mindlessness you're churnin' - don't you think it's time you listen up and do some fuckin' learnin'

I'm sick of hearing all this moral destitution - would you be so kind to tell me what's your contribution

Don't know what you're selling but it smells like prostitution - maybe you could take a look and make a contribution

Money can go fuck itself - fame can take a flying leap - anyone who tells you otherwise is just a lying creep - status is an apparatus used to keep us separated - some on top and some below so all will know who should be hated - has this system ever worked for anyone in history? - pretty clear from here it's failing miserably - consistently

Ease the hell up and try to live in the solution - that way maybe someday you can make a contribution
Track Name: Maybe Mabel
Maybe Mabel may be able to portray - the fateful day - she gained the label - that became her name - and still remains today - anyway - she had two parents - one ungrateful - one unstable - dad was dumb and drunk and hateful - mom just watched a lot of cable - neither was prepared for or could care for their new baby - who was laid beneath the TV's beams beside the dog with rabies - who just made these sickly moaning - thickly foaming - at the mouth sounds - that would trickle down - but couldn't drown out - the boundless bickering - the noise that's often found around those countless pixels flickering - the quickening of digits on remote - out of control - hand fidgets on the buttons - doing nothing - but clickering in sync - with the hard to think - blink blink blinking on the screen - with such sickening speed - the picture's blurred - nothing seen - only heard - as a buzz - just like dad has - quench thirst first - rest assured - big buzz interspersed - with lurid verse - everything slurred - but the curse words - and what's worse is this circus ongoing - always glowing - constant stream of unconsciousness - this nonsense has - been on since - she was showing - slowly growing - in the belly of her mama - being fed by melodrama - from the tele through it's tube overflowing - storytelling - slogans selling - everything to keep you smelling - fresh and yes renewed - eyes glued - concentration gets screwed - imagination on vacation - lets no thoughts intrude - brain activity is minimal - it's criminal - these animals can procreate and propogate - all sorts of madness - had this - happened in real life it would be scary - just ask Mary - she's the one who says her name is really Mabel - and it may be - but I think she may be - lying - trying to pull the wool - and spin the yarn - and turn the table - make us all believe the fable - right?
Track Name: MC Split P
My personality - too fragmented to analyze - even the most devoted analyst can't handle this - plan to just expand - until I dematerialize - but let me break it down to see if maybe I'll dismantle this - impression that an MC needs to be an egomaniac - in order to exist - or for expression to enlist - and bring the fans in droves to experience the main attraction - fact is that the crap that's out there cannot bring you satisfaction - emptiness - all of it - except for me - Mod V

He does not come in sets of two or three - an anomaly - one of a kind - a singularity - a parody - apparently - the thought of multiplicity for me - G-double-o-d-e-s-t - is just ridiculous - I'll give you this example - just a sample of the silliness - cookie cutters shudder in my presence and they wind of broken - you sweep up all the crumbs and eat 'em then you're chokin'

Wait a minute - I just did it - fell into a pit of self-obsession - guess my ego's like a little baby - seems to need protection - maybe there's a way that I can be there without being cocky - other MC's might succumb to vanity - but not me

I fuckin' wreck shit on a regular basis - I'm wreckless - but maintain a state of homeostasis - in my station - let's just face it - I'm the greatest face to grace this place - no space is left for other homo sapiens - maybe in six thousand years when we're replaced by aliens - you might find another one as salient - as he who views this and every planet as a stadium - cranium so full of brains the masses are afraid of him

Oh damn - I keep on trippin' - slippin' back to using the third person - talking on and on about myself - oh man - there's nothing worse than that - in fact - I think that maybe I should take a break - but wait

Hey - do you mind filing in a little faster - to make room for the many billions who come after - just to hear the master of all masters demonstrate his greatness - I float so high above you all - I'm outer space - I'm weightless

Wait this is out of control - can't seem to reign it in - can't find a more subdued set of tones to paint it in

Too fuckin' bright - I give the sun a run for the money

Now you've gone too far - stop lying - trying to be funny

I ain't laughin' - I'm just havin' - fun being the best there is

Everybody knows that can't be true

Oh hell yes it is

I think I'm losing touch with what is what - and who is who is who

I am - I'm the only one you ever need to listen to

But wait

Nope - it's too late - I'm taking over
Track Name: MCMV-1905
Mod Verse coming in - shaking up the timeline
here to make history - see if i can find mine
born in the year of the rat - ain't nothing wrong with that
better than coming from the era of the copycat
built ram tough and sho-nuff headstrong
arrived in spring and sprung up headlong
Satellite of Love - Obscured by Clouds
Sunshine of My Life - plays real loud

Pink Moon and Pink Flamingos
one blue marble - three men - and bring those
five pocket mice - now four home safely
cosmic ray cancer free - just spacey
gonna wanna get back in that rat race
maybe more Watergates and Bloody Sundays
bombs on Christmas just don't make sense
Olympic terrorists - and stamps cost eight cents

Begin pursuit of life and liberty
theory of superconductivity
Prozac - HBO and cat scans
Trail of Broken Treaties - 4 mile caravans
call for bloodless revolution
way more problems than solutions
ERA passed but no ratification
nothing new under the sun in this nation

Architect - gardener - times - nurse - hypnotist - writer
equals painter plus music maker
brother led the way in more ways than i can say
still learning from him to this very day

Come from the place where hand meets thumb
summers make sweat - winters make numb
water on all sides - almost an island
as far as the eye can see - trees for climbing
snowball fights and cap gun wars
still felt safe to play outdoors
Connect Four - Hungry Hippos and Sorry!
Mtv - Star Wars and Atari

Big Wheels - Stretch Armstrong - Rubik's Cube - Lincoln Logs
Matchbox Cars - Adventure People - Legos - Autobots - Underdog

Things get a little bit heavy in phase two
doesn't the shit that kids face amaze you
this is no place to raise up a young mind
too much to process - no way to rewind
gonna lose some to guns and car crashes
doesn't help much to hear ashes to ashes
teenage daydream can only go so high
liars and fighters and glares - oh my
the sky is the limit - except for when it is the ceiling
or when you are not acknowledged for what you are feeling
punching the clock at the insecurity factory
asked for promotions but nobody ever got back to me
learned how to hide the truth without lying
learned how to kill myself without dying
nowhere to fit in and no desire to
only leaves questions of what to aspire to

music saved my life more times than i recall
wish i had a chance to go and thank them all
from Led Zeppelin to Run DMC
The Temptations to Public Enemy
Beach Boys - Beastie Boys and the Beatles
blown out woofers and torn up needles
Homeboy Sandman and Elliott Smith
Kurt Vile - Deerhunter and Das Racist
My Bloody Valentine and Stone Roses
Pixies - MF Doom the lord knows this
boy could not become a man without help
back on the path toward spiritual health

occasional late bloomer - full-time fast learner
earlybird eatin' night owl - midnight oil burner
got the candle lit at both ends but just keep on going

Mod Verse keeping on - gonna stick around a while
take your silly mean mugs off - they're going outta style
maybe anger's working for you - man i really doubt it
don't give a good goddamn what you say about it

got a lot to do - no time to fuck around
did that already - passed many a buck around
now it's a life of full accountability
honesty, integrity and periodic humility

live my life for myself - and nobody else
except for my girl G who will forever be
the light of my life
Track Name: Mike Czech
Pick up the mic for me and run a check on it - all systems go - so I'll put the wreck on it - 3 to the 1 - and back up to 3 - count it down once more - for the goodest MC - that's me - a.k.a. Kittens - motherfucker - gettin' warm like Christmas mittens - motherfucker - blow up like the 4th of July - thumb sucker - like Bruce Lee's one inch punch - nunchucker!
Track Name: New Entropy
I am the entrepreneur of the new entropy - meant to be - friend to the chaos and insanity - that exists within the system of any life form from infancy - instantly - introduced - to the naked truth - before they can see - all they do is feel the intensity - of the situation they're facin' - individuals with infinitesimal - but apparently big differences - subject to each other's uninformed inferences - this interference gets in between - what truly is - and what is merely seen
Track Name: Word 6
Anger No Management Man - was feeling savage again - his knuckle sandwich did some damage - had to bandage his hand - but it was hard because the other one was wrapped in a cast - the aftermath of one disaster that befell the mad master

Flashback to the last time - it was kickin' ass time - harass time - his favorite pastime - it's what you do at half-time - he says he really loves it - says it feels good when he does it - but it doesn't - and he knows it - and it shows - but he still does it

Anyway - some poor bum stumbled past him - mumblin' somehtin' and laughin' - what'd you say Anger asked him - you drunk dirty bastard - but his fist came up faster - than the poor bum could answer - and the first few words to come out were knocked backwards - and got mixed with the fourth and the fifth against his lips - where they all got squished - and turned to gibberish

Next on the list - to deliver his portion of the phrase - Word 6 - was dazed and transfixed - by the sudden impact - of this brazen attack - it sent a shiver up his spine and then right on back - as he surmised the gist of this surprise event - and realized in an instant - his predicament - it meant - he was in the thick of it - a sticky situation - in a jam - in a pickle - it's no picnic - no vacation - what a mess - what a fix - he was shitting bricks - shaking in his shoes - feeling frantic - wringing his hands - and singing the blues about semantics - depressed and confused - yes - stressed and perplexed - by the prospect - of being misused out of context

confessed that he was not quite right for this test - the predecessors he needed were all defeated he guessed - and he assessed that if not finished - they were too much diminished - to be of any more assistance on the rest of this sentence - and hence in no position to bring composition to fruition - 6 was hit with the recognition and a premonition - of his untimely demise and his final submission - this will be his last time heard on any word mission - though he stood in opposition to this proposition - no provisions had been made - plans laid need revision - lucky for him a brief intermission followed the collision - long enough to feel contrition for what he might be missin' - he was wishin' he had gone on a fishin' expedition - or had taken up with Gypsies or a traveling musician - reminiscing unraveled into thoughts of sedition - but by his own admission - 6 was short on ambition - paralyzed by inhibition - and a minor heart condition - plagued by indecision - no known exhibition of volition - to date

But wait - what's this - could it be his first audition? - he brought his letters together for an exposition - with his one word coalition - and with no competition - acquisition of courage displaced cowardice in transition - with his reconditioned disposition of a patrician - and his new found confidence as his only ammunition - 6 dismissed himself from this verbal transmission - it's too big an imposition - for just one preposition - this assertion served him well and helped him make the right decision - his desertion was compelled by self-preserving word tradition

The first version of escape came to him in a vision - an apparition of an old magician - ushering him into a box with a secret partition - behind which he could hide to avoid detection - he was still a bit dizzy from the blast - but he had to act fast - his last chance to try to worm his - way out of this skirmish - he had to find someone to trade his turn with - someone who hadn't yet heard his apprehension - not to mention the commotion - full of tension and emotion - he had never been in a sentence like this

Hahahaha - 7 laughed and said you better relax - you're gonna fuck up the syntax - you can't go choppin' up sentences - makin' no sense-ences - just 'cause you're a scaredy cat - pass it on to 8 - if it's not too late - you just might have a chance with mister dunce hat - he is - perpetually one step behind - he's always messing up the timing - a false starter - he's a moron - a real armpit farter - or try 9 - he's a martyr - he would barter his life for your position in this verbal emission - right now he is wishin' that he hadn't stood me up last night - oh well - guess he might get in a fight
Track Name: Is It?
Bam - what - is it? - what - is it?

Is it the dog bite - that makes it so I can't hold the strings right - or the blackness that I feel inside - that never sees the daylight - and crushes my volition and ambition to oblivion - and robs me of the presence of the moment that I'm living in - or am I?

Is it the planets that line up to defy my best intentions - or my own misunderstanding of divine intervention - or just coincidence wrapped up with circumstance and luck - sometimes it feels like any - all - or none - or maybe I'm just stuck - who gives a fuck?

So I keep asking - and there's no answer - and there's your answer - so why keep asking?

I miss what once was - that being said - I don't know what's coming 'round the corner - around the bend - this is now and that was then - what's yet to come - is known to none - so don't pretend - to have it all laid out - and planned - you understand - it's out of reach - you cannot teach - what can't be taught - you cannot learn - that which has yet - to arrive

Is it live? - Is it live?

Is it?

Is it - the end of what you know or the beginning of what you will never know?

Is it the end of what you know or the beginning of what you will never know?
Track Name: The Gate
If i were free to show the love inside my heart - without concern for what the repercussions might be - i would surely feel more free - in fact - i might just leave my body - for i would have no more need
for form - or for the norms - imposed by those who fear the true expression of - what lies inside of each and every one of us - but none of us - is told that it's okay to share it - or to show it - on the outside - wear your heart upon your sleeve - and you will see it bloodied -
by the beating that it takes - from the repeated bumps and breaks -
the disappointments and the failures - lack of faith from all naysayers -
guilt and shame we feel from birth - the questioning of our self-worth -
there is a path that leads to healing - guides reside inside the feeling -
and the subsequent revealing of - the thing that we call love

If I were free to show the love inside my heart

i often feel this crushing weight upon my soul - and on my very being -
it's a consequence of seeing - only negativity - in front of me - and all around - a darkness so profound - i cannot dig myself out of this hole i dug - with help from others - those who smother - anything approaching life and living - any giving of your truest self is just
forbidden - keep those secrets hidden - put your skeletons away
and leave them in the darkness - there beside the baggage you can't seem to part with

Must've been absent the day they handed out the rose-colored glasses -
and free passes - to the happiness lessons and care-free classes - as a matter of fact it's - getting hard for me to see the good around me -
didn't know how lost i was until you found me -
brick by brick i built this wall - and with some help I'll tear it down

If I were free to show the love inside my heart

i used to think it kept me safe - but now i know it keeps me separate -
isolated from the rest - away from those i might connect with -
time to cancel all this is nonsense - time for the unlearning process -
reconfigure everything inside my mind and find i want this -
love to grow and keep on growing - past the point of overflowing -
flood the banks and keep on rising - love is real keep realizing -
all i need i have already - love is what keeps it protected -
Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected

If I were free to show my love

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